Taking a pet to a Croatia vacation? Read this!

Taking a pet to a Croatia vacation - 5 tips for best exp

Do you want to bring your pet to Croatia? Here is some info you may need to kick start your dog-friendly vacation.

Do you want to bring your pet to Croatia?

Pets have probably never been a bigger part of the family.

So you want to include yours on the family vacation in Croatia, right? Maybe you would like to rent-a-bike while in Novigrad or consider booking eco-friendly vacation.

Anyhow ....

Croatia has become a very pet-friendly destination. It often happens you see dog lounging at the beach, relaxing under a café table or enjoying the sea breeze. And most of those pets are tourists, not locals!

Before you go, read this blog to help keep both you and your pet safe and comfortable.

First of all - consult your veterinarian

Your pet's health should be your number one priority.

Pet should be healthy enough for travel and current on his or her vaccinations. Tell your veterinarian about your Croatia vacation so they can determine how to protect your pet from potential risks in this region. If you’re escaping the snowdrifts for beautiful Istria beaches, it’s easy to forget about flea, tick and heartworm preventives, so make sure you bring the right parasite protection.

First of all - consult your veterinarian

Check your pet’s identification

No matter how careful you are, they can escape and get lost in unfamiliar locations. That’s why your pet should have an updated ID tag that includes the address of your destination and your smartphone number.

If your pet wanders out without his or her collar, a microchip is a backup solution.

Using microchip, veterinary clinics, shelters and animal control centers can scan your pet and find out how to reach you. Before departure, make sure your pet's microchip has your current contact information, including where you can be reached during vacation.

There are even GPS devices with apps that enable you to track your pet’s location from your smartphone.

Check your pet’s identification

Your pet should be at peace inside a carrier

Whether you’ll travel by plane, bus or car, it’s best to have your pet in a well-ventilated carrier. The carrier should be spacious enough to allow them to stand, turn around and lay down. They should always have their fresh water or a litter pan for cats, but you already know that, right.

If your pet isn’t used to being in a carrier, you could:

  • introduce it to them at home
  • pad the bottom with their favorite blanket
  • place cookies or toys inside so they associate positive things with it

While at home, leave the door open so they can explore inside at their own will, then try closing the door for short periods, gradually extend the time the door is closed. Hopefully, you'll end up with a carrier-positive pet.

Your pet should be at peace inside a carrier

Traveling to Croatia with a pet

When traveling to Novigrad, Istria or Croatia with a pet you need to meet some conditions.

  • Your dog must have a clearly and legibly marked tattoo with the corresponding serial number entered onto the passport
  • The pet needs to be microchipped with a 15 digit ISO 11784 or 11785 standard pet microchip.
  • The passport should detail the location of the microchip, and the date  the microchip took place
  • All vaccination information. Inc. serial number, expiration date & the date of vaccination
  • Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to entry

While these are most simply put necessary conditions required to bring your beloved pet to Croatia, we suggest going through Croatia Department of agriculture official pages.

Finally, find pet-friendly accommodation

Finally, find pet-friendly accommodation

Here at Villa Bionda we are super enthusiastic about accommodating your pets. Pet-friendly vacation is in our DNA.

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