Care about the environment - Book eco vacation in Croatia

Find out how to be eco-responsible guest in Croatia.
Follow these 5 simple steps and enjoy your eco-friendly vacation in Croatia.

Simple guide for best eco-friendly vacation in Croatia

Simple guide for best eco-friendly vacation in Croatia

Whether it’s your first time visiting Croatia or you are new to this eco-friendly way of traveling, you should benefit from reading this piece. This simple guide will help you have a great vacation while protecting the environment at the same time.

By now it seems like everyone have visited Croatia. Incredible beaches, turquoise sea, homegrown wine, rich cultural heritage, friendly people … These adjectives are commonly used to describe Croats and Croatia. So, why haven’t you visited “the pearl of Mediterranean” yet?

Croatia, or Hrvatska as locals would say it, is a stunning vision of sea, trees, and islands that are hard to capture in a photo.

Croatia sure is beautiful place, let’s keep it that way.

You want to find all about the best eco-friendly holiday in Croatia, right? Follow these 5 steps, enjoy, and come back again.

Find an appropriate destination

Find an appropriate destination

Where are you traveling from? You sure know that most forms of transport contribute to climate change. If you want to minimize your vacation emission, pick a destination closer to your home or one you can reach by transport other than plane.

If your trip to Croatia must include plane flights at least find eco-tourism options. Lots of hotels, resorts, and villas in Croatia understand the negative impact on the environment and act upon it.

Pick out the best way to get here

What we want to say is that you should choose the most environmentally friendly form of transport. If you can drive, take the bus or the train to Croatia, you should definitely do that.

If you must fly, try to avoid short flights and choose airlines with higher occupancy rates and more efficient aircraft.

Find the right place to stay

Find the right place to stay

For your eco-friendly vacation choose environmentally friendly accommodation in Croatia.

Look for villas and apartments with effective waste treatment systems, that recycle, that are energy efficient, and, if possible, the ones that use ecological materials in all segments.

Be eco-responsible guest

While visiting Novigrad, Croatia or any other destination you should respect the local environment.

This means:

  • staying on trails and public footpaths
  • not removing plants
  • not feeding wild animals
  • never litter

When you return to your apartment, washed out from all the daily adventures - consider conserving water and taking shower rather than bath. Minimize your use of personal care products and detergents, reuse towels and bed bedclothes.

You should limit energy use. Efficient energy use, in this case, includes the use of air-conditioning and hot water. Please turn off all lights and taps when you leave the apartment.

Cotton swabs and buds, condoms, tampons, and plastics shouldn't be flushed down the toilet. Please dispose of sanitary waste properly.

Almost all beverage cans can be returned for refunds (0,5 HRK / piece) so consider returning them for recycling. Please reduce the number of bags, napkins and disposables you use when you eat and shop.

If you are reading this line, you are probably highly interested in an eco-friendly vacation in Istra, Croatia. This is something special for you - get your Villa Bionda membership card for free and save up to 20% when dining and shopping in the most famous Istrian restaurants, taverns, wineries, and souvenir shops. Be economical and ecological conscious!

Make your vacation in Croatia even more eco-friendly and avoid damaging recreational activities. Avoid sports that are harmful to the environment, rent a bike instead.

Coming home from holidays in Croatia

Coming home from holidays in Croatia

You want to remember vacation in Croatia for years to come but 500 years is way too much. Plastic bags can take up to 500 years to biodegrade so take a reusable bag with you when you go souvenir shopping.

Think twice and count to one hundred before you buy any products made from any endangered species, including animal hides and body parts, tortoise-shell, ivory, or coral - they could be illegal.

And finally… enjoy Croatia nature and the environment.

There is so much out there that stands out on this planet as amazing, astounding, and downright breathtaking. Let’s keep it that way.

Want to book your eco-friendly vacation in Novigrad, Croatia? Do it now!

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Care about the environment - Book eco vacation in Croatia
Care about the environment - Book eco vacation in Croatia


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