Corona Free Apartments

To provide you with maximum safety, relaxation and pleasure during your stay in our apartments, we have purchased VIOLET top air purifiers and the MAP-1 nano disinfectant.

Since opening, we have a full-time housemaid who is at your disposal for any additional cleanliness requirements.

VIOLET Air Purifier

All apartments at Villa Bionda are equipped with VIOLET air purifier that air in the apartment filtered and treated in 6 levels:

  • Pre-filtration using antibacterial ionic silver,
  • High performance HEPA filter,
  • Activated carbon filter,
  • Cold catalyst,
  • High voltage ionizer,
  • UV germicidal lamp.

MAP-1 spray - how it works and how long it is effective

All apartments and common areas (stairs, handrails, front doors, stairs, corridors, ...) were treated with the MAP - 1 NANO spray.

We purchase MAP – 1 directly from the manufacturer and its features are:

  1. MAP-1 is a spray that coats and evaporates on surfaces,
  2. The spray carries millions of polymer nanocapsules that adhere to surfaces and remain there after the carrier liquid has dried,
  3. These non-toxic capsules contain a disinfectant that remains in suspension until touched,
  4. The heat from a hand or moisture activates the capsules, releasing disinfectant onto the surface,
  5. It’s not only effective on coronavirus, but also on other viruses like measles and rubella and potentially dangerous bacteria,
  6. The effectiveness of MAP-1 will vary depending on how often the treated surfaces are touched, but HKUST guarantees that it can last up to 90 days,

Your safety comes first.

We wish you a pleasant and safe stay in Villa Bionda smile

Corona Free Apartments

Useful information

The total distance from the first barrier to the Villa Bionda is approx. 250 m!

When you reach the first barrier, ring the bell or call the parking number (written on the ramp) and say you are a guest of Villa Bionda.

Then continue between two patisseries up to second barrier (approx. 10 m) which should automatically be lifted (if not lifted, ring to open it).

Drive to the end of Mlinska Street, then turn left and drive straight to the Mlinar Bakery.

On your right side is Veliki Trg and Villa Bionda. Get in with the car and drive behind Pizzeria Gatto Blu.

Park and take your luggage to the apartment.

Of course, we're waiting for you at the Mlinar Bakery to help and take you to the apartment

Useful information